New album with Seaworthy

Back in February Cameron Webb, aka Seaworthy visited me and we spent three days making an album called Wood, Winter, Hollow, which will be released on 12k on June 11th. The official information isn’t up on the 12k site yet, but there are a couple of ways to experience the album already.

Check out the preview of the song “Wood” on soundcloud here.

And Fluid Radio wrote a wonderful review of the whole album which really captured the spirit of the work. Please read that here.

An excerpt:
” Wood, Winter, Hollow opens up and lets the world and the weather in more powerfully than anything else I’ve heard from either artist. There is still a fine degree of restraint and precision exercised over the final results — the intention, after all, is to make music, not just noises. Yet it seems that the relatively short recording phase and quick production turnaround (Webb’s visit was as recent as this past February) has encouraged a partial relinquishing of control in favour of spontaneity and immediacy, which in turn perhaps reflects the environments where the field recordings were made more faithfully than the most precise and exacting imitation could.”