Lost & Compiled

12k2030As part of the upcoming tour in Japan I’m releasing a new CD called Lost & Compiled. It will be debuted on the tour and for sale at the concerts and at the Il Solito gallery in Ebisu (Tokyo) where my photography exhibition is being held. Upon my return from Japan the remainder of the CDs will be for sale in the 12k shop. It is unlikely these will be carried by any distributor.

Lost & Compiled is a collection of early mixes of songs of mine from the past few years as well as some previously unreleased works. The concept for the release came from the idea that songs that I write go through so many permutations  by the time they are released they have left behind a trail of ghosts. Sometimes when I go back to early and rough mixes of songs I will hear something more relaxed, less perfect. A point in the song’s life where the stress of finishing it or the polish of a “final” mix hasn’t yet taken place.

The songs on this album are just that; tracks in earlier states of completion or entirely different versions that never made the final cut. It’s an interesting look at what gets left behind and buried.


01 July 032013 – Sketch of new material, 2013
02 Field (Beta) – Alternate version of “Field” released on Landing (Room 40, 2007)
03 Live In Osaka – From Extract: Portraits Of Sound Artists (Non Visual Objects, 2007)
04 Sea Last (06.05.08) – Early version of “Sea Last” (12k, 2009)
05 Sleepover (Alt) – Alt. version, from Lost In The Humming Air (Music Inspired by Harold Budd) (Oktaf, 2012)
06 So Sleepy – Early version of what became “For A Morning When” from For Nihon (Unseen Music, 2011)
07 Sketch For February – Sketch, prevoiusly unreleased, 2012
08 Journal (Rough) – Early mix of “Journal” released on Journal 7″ (Champion Version, 2011)