Gareth Dickson on “Faint”

Gareth Dickson is one of those musicians I utterly respect and often envy. He creates music as beautiful and amazing as any with only two things: an acoustic guitar and his voice. Not exactly uncommon, no. But it moves me like little other music does. What he can do with two simple tools takes me a room full of electronics to do, and yet not nearly as poetic. It’s been a joy to release Gareth’s music on 12k and he recently had some nice things to say about my album “Faint” on’s 2012 year-end roundup. Gareth seems to understand what I’m after with my music as I hope all listeners do.

“While recovering from a bout of gastroenteritis, a very polite name for some not so refined symptoms, the only saving grace was that my illness coincided with the release of Taylor Deupree’s new album Faint. In the state of altered consciousness which comes free with dehydration, I drifted in and out of this magical-sounding album. I could talk about shimmering sounds and depth, but for me what it has more than anything is that it creates a complete and convincing other world. The track “Thaw” has the same quality as some of the early Aphex Twin ambient works that I love, which are ambiguous as to whether they are melancholy or joyful. This doesn’t sit somewhere between so much as for me it is actually both. When you spend your life playing music it can be easy to forget how important it is just to lie and listen sometimes, and this was a great reminder. A little trip. “