Reflections On An Inland Sea

“Reflections On An Inland Sea” is the 2nd of two compositions by Taylor Deupree for David Sylvian’s abandon/hope photography installation. The first piece, “Too Close To Being Far Away From Everything,” was released on a playbutton MP3 player as part of the Setouchi Triennale 2013 art exhibition in Uno, Japan. Visitors of the exhibition could rent the playbutton and explore the city and the art while listening to Deupree’s music.

“Reflections On An Inland Sea” accompanies the two-book hard cover, boxed-set show catalog for Sylvian’s abandon/hope exhibition which concluded in the Spiral Garden building in Aoyama, Tokyo.

The title for this piece is inspired by the geography and history of Uno, Japan where abandon/hope first began to be shown. There are ghosts in the music which listen in on the fragile and dusty sound whose slow, melancholic loop stretches like the sundipped horizon across the water. But as the music continues across it’s 17+ minute arc the sounds brighten, freshen, and a glimmer of hope is instilled as the sun drops quietly into the sea.