Lost & Compiled

Lost & Compiled is a collection of early mixes of songs from 2007-2013 as well as some previously unreleased works. The concept for the release came from the idea that songs that Deupree writes go through so many permutations that by the time they are released they have left behind a trail of ghosts. Sometimes when he goes back to early versions of songs he will hear something more relaxed, free, and less perfect… a point in the song’s life where the stress of finishing it or the polish of a “final” mix hasn’t yet taken place.

The songs on this album are just that; tracks in earlier states of completion or entirely different versions that never made the final cut. Lost & Compiled is an interesting look at what gets left behind and buried. Mixes that are no less powerful and often quite a bit more vulnerable, than the final cuts.

Lost & Compiled is a CD that Taylor Deupree has been wanting to make for years and, finally, as part of his 2014 Japan tour (with Illuha, Stephan Mathieu and Federico Durand) it has come to light. The album was debuted at the venues of the tour and in an attempt to keep the release on the quiet side will only receive a small amount of Japanese distribution and otherwise only be available in the 12k shop and not through 12k’s regular distribution channels.