Glass Cuts, Philip Glass Remixed

A year or so ago OMM started receiving some unsolicited remixes of Philip Glass works from young producer/musicians. I believe this is because in some circles Philip Glass is known as “the Godfather of Trance”. The remixes I received were exciting interpretations of Philip’s work.

We have wanted to do remixes of some of Philip’s work for many years. We were aware of the Aphex Twin work, so we knew the intricacies involved in connecting with a ‘name’ remixer and the difficulty of getting permission from Sony or Nonesuch to use recordings that had been released by them. It occurred to us that Orange Mountain Music was in an ideal position to do a remix project. We have released and made many fantastic Philip Glass recordings, and there was obvious interest from talented artists to do the remixing. I contacted the remixers and sounded them out on this idea and they sent the word out through their network of remixers around the world.

I received many recordings and from them selected a group of thirteen strong mixes for a CD’s length program. They represent a very diverse program without any one dominant style. The artists are: Androoval from Uruguay, Robert Bell from Australia, Brian Bender from the US, Héctor Castillo from Venezuela, Taylor Deupree from the US, Sebastián Escofet from Argentina, impLOG. from the US, Woody McBride-DJ ESP from the US, Marcos Romero from Uruguay, Kate Simko from the US, Dietrich Schoenemann from the US, Luciano Supervielle from Uruguay and Dave Wesley from the US.

I want to thank all these artists for their exceptional efforts and especially Marcos Romero for making initial contact and helping me sustain the effort to make it happen.

— Don Christensen

Spring 2005