1 | Favourite Places

Favourite Places brings together field and  compositional recordings depicting places of importance and significance within the lives of contemporary artists.

“No doubt everybody must have a place that they call their own. A place which you cherish and go back. Like a forest, the bath, a museum or an alley. These are just four of the examples on this CD of ten pieces of artists’ favorite places which they were asked to record and then treat those recordings into a music piece – both source and composition are inside one track. The whole project comes with photos and coordinates. All neat and carefully planned. The end result is certainly as great. From forest walk by Taylor Deupree to the lighthouse of Biosphere, from the bath of Dot Tape Dot and the studio of Leafcutter John – it all sounds intimate and the music they play as a result of these intimate recordings is of a likewise intimate nature. Drones, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar and rhythms make up eerie music. It moves away from the previous compilations by this label that the artists are better known, musicwise it moves more towards ambient and less to techno music (in all it’s guises) and the thematic approach. Topped off with an elaborate packaging (both print work and jewel case) this is the best effort on Audiobulb so far. Also included are Claudia, John Kannenberg, RF, Aaron Ximm, Build and Nomad Palace. Very lush. ” – Vital Weekly